Lizards, frogs, and watermelon

The past two days have gone great with the kids. We are getting used to our new schedule and doing school online. I am so thankful for Kate who can spend 1:1 time with the younger ones while I fight with help Elliott become more of an independent student.

Yesterday Ada was doing a great job keeping herself busy by killing playing with lizards. Then at one point she was sitting on the floor and looked up at me and said “Mom! It’s in my pants!” In a panic she was stripped down and the little lizard was found IN her underwear. Is this a normal occurance in anyone else’s life?

Ada also got to go to her first ballet class which I had to wake her up for he was very excited about! A ballet teacher is teaching the girls at the Bethany which is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The girls get all dressed up, pull back their hair, and attempt to be as graceful as they can which is such a new concept for them. I love that ballet incorporates being a lady, proper posture, and graceful movements. What an amazing way to minister to them!

I will attach some pictures of the watermelon frog we made the other day, which has now turned into a science experiment sitting on the outside table. Let’s see how many bugs are on the frog today! Seriously, that was part of their lessons yesterday. Is that laziness or creativity? Please don’t tell me.

Until next time,
Love, Alisan




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