Day 1

Today Luke left on his first trip since we’ve been back in Brazil. He, along with his brother Nic, will be traveling from Nashville to California on a tour to raise money for Shores of Grace. He will be gone for two weeks.

The timing is perfect, however, because yesterday Kate arrived! Kate is a new friend of ours whom we met Maryland last summer on our tour. We asked her there ( quite suddenly ) if he had ever thought about being a nanny, or living in another country. Some time went by, am with God’s perfect timing in her life and in ours, she will be here with us for the next three months! The kids are in love already…

So today was our first day “sem Pai” and it was going pretty well until bedtime. Elliott always seems to have the hardest time when Daddy is gone, so prayers for him are welcome.

And tomorrow we start our FULL TIME school year, which includes some online schooling, and requires Elliott to do a lot of work on his own. Wow. We aren’t quite there yet…

Also this week we are down staff in the Bethany house, so I will need to spend time there as well. It might not sound like a lot, but it’s overwhelming to me. I’m taking one step at a time. 🙂

I am writing this on my phone and I hope to be able to include some pictures! Thanks for listening to my ramblings!





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