He knows what time it is

“These all look to you to give them their food at the proper time.
When you give it to them, they gather it up;
When you open your hand, they are satisfied with good things.”
Psalm 104:27-28

Earlier in this Psalm David is listing details that God planned out from the beginning, and how His Earth is dependent on him to survive. It is a beautiful list, I encourage you to read it, an awesome reminder of how God is in everything.
It is sometimes hard, in this hard-working American culture to admit we are dependent. The goal, since birth, is often to be an Independent, hard-working person so we can “get ahead” in this world. But I’m not sure that’s exactly what God wants us to be. I think we need to strive to be more dependent on Him. On His promises. On his timing. The birds don’t sit around wondering, how can I make myself stronger, faster, smarter so that I will have more? They already know that it’s all there for them, it’s a matter of Waiting for God to open his Hands for them, which will provide everything that they need.
There are times when I am confused and a bit frustrated about where I am right now, since MY plan was to be in Brazil right now. But I have learned (by necessity) to depend on Him for everything. Everything I need is already in His hands. But He will open His hand when the timing is right. In the mean time he has already given me everything and more I need for this season of my life. So, I’m not worried about it. If my fingerprints don’t get accepted this time around, yeah I’ll call someone a stupid idiot but I know why it didn’t work out. God already has this all worked out. His blessings are too many to count in this season and the next.
Love, Alisan



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