Oh, America

Our extended stay here in the States has made me realize many things about our culture, compared to the culture of Brazil. I am so thankful that I have been able to and WILL be able to live in another country. I encourage everyone to make that step if the opportunity ever knocks at your door. Or, if God knocks at your door. 🙂

Here is a short list of things that I believe we, as Americans, take advantage of. At least I have. Majorly. I encourage you to think about these things that you encounter everyday and just think it’s normal. I’m telling you, it’s not. We need to be more thankful.

1. Grocery stores with amazing varieties of foods.

grocery store1

Seriously, you can make any type of food you want in America. Is there anything you CAN’T GET? Yes, actually there is. It’s called Brazilian fruit which is amazing. But besides that WOW. I’m loving every second of it.

2. Your mama

Reunion at Pocono Plateau

My mama

I know this might not be true for all of you, but my Mom lives in the United States. And even though we are in different states right now it feels a whole lot closer than when I was on another continent. I still ask her to come over every single day, but at least now it’s (almost) possible! Same goes for my Daddy, my sister, my aunt, and my friends. And my puppy.

3. Highways.

Look at this thing.

Look at this thing.

For real though look at that highway. It’s smooth. There are no random speed bumps. There are no random military police set up points which causes your heart to beat a million miles an hour. No motorcycle races. It’s glorious.

4. Changes of season.

rolling down a hill

rolling down a hill

I am not gonna lie. I love warm weather. If it’s below 78 I am cold. I wear 5 shirts everyday. This is not an exaggeration. Ask Luke. BUT, I have enjoyed this fall so much. The leaves were so beautiful! I am praying for snow everyday here in Nashville, although it is somewhat unlikely. Maybe a freak super-snowstorm will happen just this once.

5. Decorations

yeah my house looks like this

yeah my house looks like this

Although you can find decorations in Brazil, they are very expensive. And they don’t do stockings. And not many people decorate. Here I can decorate my entire house inside and out at the Dollar Tree. And that’s exactly what I am doing this year! It’s also nice to drive around and see all the lights us in cities and homes. They go ALL out here in Nashville. The kids are loving it. Maybe we go way too far out. But it does make it feel more Christmas-y!

These are just a few things of course, the things that I noticed the most. I am thankful for all of these things. And when I am back in Brazil I will have even more to be Thankful for.

Love, Alisan






5 responses to “Oh, America

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I was born in Europe and lived in Canada before marrying my hubby and moving to America. Now I want to get away asap but I also appreciate how convenient the lifestyle here is… oh, and the sales!

  2. So true! It is amazing how many things we take for granted, its quite disgusting if you ask me. But when you are in places like Brazil, when that realization hits you… the tears of thankfulness are such an amazing feeling. at least they are in my eyes 🙂

  3. it still feels like you are in Brazil because I’m not seeing you at all 😦

    Miss you terribly – wish we could visit. If you’re still there in August, we’ll be coming your way to (hopefully) take Ethan to New Orleans for his City Year program. Just waiting to hear from them.

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