We’re in Nashville….for now

So, we came back from Brazil in June full of joy and excitement about visits with family and to raise more support for our move back to Recife, Brazil.

We made our (what feels like) annual trip to Washington D.C. to apply for our visas, they were miraculously accepted, and then……


We received an email stating that we applied at the wrong consulate (ummm they couldn’t of told us that when we were THERE IN PERSON?) and that we had to go through New York.

New York required an FBI background check and then guess what we found out?

My fingerprints are STUPID. I have the hands of a 90 year old construction worker. I blame it on the dishes.

My finger prints have been sent back twice by the FBI, and just two days ago I got printed x5 so that they MAYBE MIGHT accept one set.

We are praying and waiting to hear.

This is a confusing time for all of us. However, we have been so very very blessed since we’ve been here.

I will send more details soon about our time here in the U.S. It’s been exciting, relaxing, stressful, and fat-enducing. (I’m really enjoying the food) 🙂

And now for some completely random photos for your entertainment…

Our yearly photo at the Dunes

Our yearly photo at the Dunes

Reunion at Pocono Plateau

Reunion at Pocono Plateau

We really missed this girl

We really missed this girl

My baby with a gun

My baby with a gun

Our neighbors

Our neighbors

Survival training

Survival training

I”ll be back soon.

Love, Alisan





3 responses to “We’re in Nashville….for now

  1. I just moved from Vancouver to Nashville and I also went thru hell with fingerprinting. The worst thing is that no one gives you heads about about things that can go wrong with fingerprinting (and how to prevent it) apparently people who frequently use hand sanitizer have their unreadable finger lines!

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