You Probably Aren’t Even Going to Believe Me….

But there was FOR REAL a MINI TORNADO right next to our house the other day!

Maybe it’s actually called a dust storm, or something like that, but it was definitely TWISTING and stuff was flying everywhere!

I watched about 5 pieces of my laundry FLY AWAY from my house, over the wall, and out into the wilderness that is TRINDADE!

I was able to recover only ONE of these pieces of laundry. It was in a field and I was afraid of stepping on dead things so I had to bail.

You probably don’t believe me, and this is my only proof:

This exciting picture is a piece of straw stuck on my wash line!

And even MORE exciting is this picture of additional straw on our sidewalk!

I know, sorry, really pathetic. But it was for real and kind of crazy.

Love, Alisan

2 responses to “You Probably Aren’t Even Going to Believe Me….

  1. oh my gosh – I can’t believe this reply thing is actually working. I can’t usually seem to get this to work – i haven’t been ignoring you, honest.

    Cool about the tornado in trinidado – I hear a children’t book in there – I’ll get working on it.

    Josef will think that’s cool.

    counting the days until you get home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m going back to work tomorrow – Bridge of Hope National offered me the Director of Outreach position and I grabbed it. I’ll be responsible for talking to agencies, churches and individuals across the country about starting a Bridge of Hope in their area – how cool is THAT!!! God is good – I’ll share the whole story with you when you get home.

    xxxxxooooo Anne

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