What I do in the day – by Elliott

(Pictures and words by Elliott)

I wake up, I get out of my bed at 8:00. And then….

I get dressed. And then since my bike is broken I usually just sit around on the sofa.

And then when Ada and Leyton wake up I just play with them with the sidewalk chalk.

And then Ada and Leyton go to mommy and daddy’s room and then we watch a movie.

And then we eat breakfast. We cook cinnamon toast in the oven.

Then I go to the base school. And they teach me how to swim.

Then I come home and do home school.

Then I go to the pool. Now I can swim but before I couldn’t. And then we usually just play.

And then we eat supper and tonight my mom is making burgers.

And then I usually take a shower.

And then I get ready for bed. We go to Ada’s bedroom to say our prayers, then I usually just stay up for a little bit. And then I usually hang out outside but if it’s raining we usually just stay in mom’s room or in the living room.


2 responses to “What I do in the day – by Elliott

  1. Burgers, huh? So, you DO cook with beef there??? This was great! Tell El Geemom said “good job!”

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