Food and Illness

Ok I am having a problem.

Well, several problems. I want to just write it all out to process it and then maybe you can have a glimpse too of my life in Brazil since I am not always so good with keeping up to date.

First of all: food.

Since I left my kitchen in Lancaster I have missed MY FOOD. Now I’m six months out and still missing MY FOOD. I’m not expecting it to go away, but I would like for it to get better.

In Curitiba I was homesick and lonely and wanted MY food for comfort. Curitiba is a really big city and it was easy to get many things that were needed in order to make the things that I love to make. I cooked at least five nights a week and I loved it. And I loved the food. I was able to go home for three days and I ate like eating was going out of style. I ate myself sick. And it was delicious.

So now here we are in the state of Goias, in the tiniest smallest island of a town called Trindade.

It took us 2 months to find a real grocery store here because it is actually hidden on a secret street with a million pot holes on it.

However. I cannot begin to tell you the limited amount of food we have here in this town. And I know this is where I am being attacked spiritually, but hear me out, there is truth in this…

I am physically unable to eat red meat here. After four episodes of very sick stomach problems after eating red meat I cannot do it anymore. So, therefore I don’t cook it.

I will eat chicken and the hot dogs. And I eat a lot of them. I would buy and cook the ham or the turkey if they didn’t cost a ridiculous amount of money.

I do love all of the fruits and vegetables that are available here. I LOVE the pineapples, the mangoes, the avocados….omg go good. We eat A LOT of them.

I feel like I cook the same thing every week. I make spaghetti one night, roasted veggies and potatoes and chicken, hot dogs, grilled cheese….over and over and over again.

BUT NOW I have gotten to a point where even the foods that I am ok with cooking are turning my stomach. Today I made eggs for breakfast (which I do everyday) and I almost threw up. This is just getting ridiculous. The enemy is trying to make me so uncomfortable that I will give up. But it will only make me work harder.

At the same time all of this food stuff is going on, I have been sick with like 8 different things in the past few days. Luckily we have a pharmacy where we can get the medications that we need, but I know that this is another attack. Nobody gets sick will 8 different things in one day. It’s just ridiculous.

So, I am (as of this moment right now) going to find NEW things to make with what is available to me, and love them. I am going to fight this enemy but not giving into it and doing what I love which is cooking for my family and for myself. I am going to enjoy American food when I have it and when I don’t I will make something that I do love, like this…my new favorite drink…

(pineapple with mint….wow)

Even if I have to drink seven of them a day in order to stay alive. Just kidding. But seriously it’s really good.

I do need your prayers though. And maybe some recipes too???

Love, Alisan

5 responses to “Food and Illness

  1. Hey Alisan,

    I subscribe to this blog… Its all recipes…and she LOVES being creative with avocado…since you have access to good avocado I thought maybe you might want to check it out and see if any of her recipes will give you a new twist on things with ingredients that you have access to…one off the top of my head was grilled cheese with avocado…it’s still grilled cheese, but maybe the little change will be enough! Miss you…we set the web cam up, now just have to figure out skype!

  2. I’m a missionary and I’ve been in many countries but I was also called to Brazil,Our God is a good father and I think you should think where is focus.

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