Answered Prayers

So I wrote the “Food and Illness” post a couple of days ago but I wasn’t able to post it because the internet was so incredibly slow that it was taking 20 hours to upload each picture. Even though YOU didn’t hear about my “problems” God did, and looked what arrived in the mail this week…

Pearl Street UMC, the church I grew up in, sent us a HUGE package of ridiculously awesome snacks. Included were things I even forgot about, like Hammond’s Pretzels!?!?! WOW!

THEN, I posted that picture on Facebook and 4 more people want to send packages! I am feeling so loved!

And the Kids are happy too!

So I was thinking if anyone else is interested in sending care packages, maybe including things we can give to the kids and prostitutes we meet on the streets. Or even people around the town. What I can think of right now are basic hygiene things that are SO cheap in America, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc. I will continue to think about this and let you know if I think of other things.

THANK YOU Pearl Street and everyone else who is thinking about us and missing us and praying for us,

Love, Alisan

2 responses to “Answered Prayers

  1. My sister mixes pineapple yogurt and uncooked oatmeal on equal parts and eats that as a snack for her diabetes. She loves it. Don’t know if you an get the yogurt. But just say the word and we can certainly send the oatmeal. Also do you like ramian noodles. We could send those to help on the days you can’t eat. So sorry we can’t think of other things to do.

    • yes actually we have all of those things that might be good, my kids love oatmeal! And actually they have A LOT of Ramen here! One of my “go-to’s” when I am hungry! Thanks so much for thinking of us!

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