last two months…..

Yeah, sorry about that. I got a little side tracked.

Well, since my last update Luke and I finished Intensivo. It was a very Intensive schedule, and one that I was not able to keep up with due to having to teach Elliott and take care of the other two as well. But we finished, just in time for…..

Mommom and Sarah to arrive!!!!!

The kids didn’t know that Sarah was coming so when she got out (jumped) out of the car they were just in shock!

We had a great visit although I wish it could of been longer. AND i wish the car had worked the whole time so they could of had some real Brazilian food, but it was great just to be with them. We were also able to celebrate my baby boy turning three together!

It was very hard to say good bye again.

Now we are counting down the days until we see them again…

Meanwhile, Luke and I decided not do to the training to be a house parent for the safe house that we will be opening. We will still be directly involved with the ministry and the home, however, due to raising our own children and not knowing the language (yet) we will not be actual house parents. There are currently 5 staff on our team taking the training who will be AWESOME parents to many children soon! And we cannot wait until that can happen!!!!

So during this time Luke and I are focusing on learning Portuguese. We have been bless to be able to take three classes a week through teachers at the MCM base, and we have people to practice with at home! The problem NOW is that we have to be BRAVE enough to practice! Pray for us to be able to do this without fear!

The kids have been attending school at the MCM base in the mornings, in hopes that they will pick up more of the language. Elliott often says it is “boring” because he “doesn’t know what they are saying” but he also never complains about going. So, I am hoping he is learning without even realizing it. Elliott has been able to take swimming lessons as part of his school and NOW CAN SWIM UNDER THE WATER!!! Such a huge step for him!

The kids were able to get bikes (THANKS MOMMOM!) which is very helpful because there is not much to do around these parts. Ada picked up biking very quickly and Leyton tries but is much more interested in the water bottle that is attached to the bike.

See that face? Not too sure yet….

So that’s what is happening as of now. Love and Miss everyone,


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