So, this month is proving to be….

We are on day 7 of a very intensive, 10 hour-a-day training which will prepare us for opening a rescue home in the near future. After this month, the schedule will be a little more open, but we will be focusing on the specifics on how to get children off of the streets and into a safe environment.

Due to having three young children, Luke and I have to take turns during nap times, home school times, and bedtimes. Our kids have been going to at least one of the sessions a day, with other Brazilian missionary children. They love going to “school” even though they have been thrown into a new language. We are excited to see how much Portuguese they learn by the end of the training!

We were very blessed to have our good friend Joe

come visit us for 10 days, which included Christmas and New Years! Unfortunately Penny was unable to make it, due to airline complications but we are praying that she can come soon! It was great to be back to hanging out with Joe again, and the kids were very happy to see him!

Joe was able to bring many gifts from home, including my favorite chips. Then we received a care package from our church which included MORE CHIPS! They were delicious and did not last long.

My mother and great aunt are coming to visit in two weeks! I can’t WAIT to see them and maybe they will bring me more chips!

Kid Update

This kid is now fully potty trained, which he accomplished by himself. He is now under the impression that he is the biggest (giggest) kid in the WORLD.

This pretty girl is now FOUR. She thought maybe that meant she doesn’t have to take naps everyday, but then the next day she asked for a nap, so maybe she forgot. She had some trouble going into school for the first few days, but now she is making friends. I have no idea how, but I am impressed.

And this newly confident child is on the edge of learning how to swim WITHOUT swimmies! He is VERY proud about this, and like to hear people say how proud they are of him, which is a HUGE step for him. He loves going to school, which is also a surprise for us, due to his history of so much anxiety around new situations. We are not quite sure what he likes about school or what he even does in school because he just says they talk in Portuguese the whole time so he doesn’t really know what’s going on. But I think he feels very good about being with big kids like himself again.

So that is that for today, keep praying for us!!!!

Love, Alisan


One response to “Intensivo

  1. 1) I am impressed with Elliott’s swimming considering he didn’t want to get his head wet in my baby pool this past summer!!!! Awesome!!!
    2) Something is headed your way in the mail this week!!
    3) Your “babies” are all growing up SO fast!!! But the again so is mine!
    4) You are all in my prayers

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