not always easy

As I sit here on a Sunday evening I am glad this weekend is over. I have a huge headache/sinus-ache, Leyton just stopped screaming for the first time in an hour, and I am looking at food I wish I could make but there is next to nothing at the grocery stores here.

I am very much enjoying being in our own house. We even have special guests once in a while….

So, I don’t mind seeing these guys at all. The other guests, however have NOT been invited and I wish they would leave. I have not taken any pictures of them because when I see them I scream and run. What is this mystery pest????



So gross.

Anyway, the kids have been sick all weekend and now they’ve passed something on to me. Here’s what Leyton’s face has looked like for two days straight…

Even Elliott has taken some naps, which is really the only way a person would know this child is actually sick…

Ada stuck to her normal 3 hour nap. And she’s almost 4.

So, yeah the food sucks here. I want to make Christmas cookies but there are barely any baking ingredients. Can someone send me these?

Great! Thanks!

On the plus side, Pa-Dip will be here in 2 days! And our very good friend Joe, who has done an INSANE amount of work to get us the things we want from the States, including our large dog. Prayers for safe travels for them, especially Penny who will be stuck inside a crate for many many hours.

And she’s kind of big….

Love, Alisan

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