Things I have learned since arriving in Trinidade.

1. December can be a very hot month. But it is not the hottest.

2. If you have blonde hair and speak English you instantly become the most amusing thing ever.

3. Washing machines aren’t used in this part of the world. (but seriously what do you do when your kids clothes look like they’ve been in a trash truck all day?)

4. Wipes are also not used in this part of the world from what I can tell so far. I am really baffled by this.

5. Pools are awesome.

6. Rice and beans are the only thing these people eat very popular here.

7. Don’t complain about free food.

8. Curitiba was a very expensive place to live. (thank you Jesus!)

9. The people here are super friendly and nice. Even the policeman was asked directions from!!!

10. This place is awesome.


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