Thank You

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Hardly seems like it since it’s in the 80’s here. Luke and Nic are currently on their way to buy our turkey that will we have to KILL and DEFEATHER and everything else involved in getting it ready to eat. It’s all a little frightening. I’m not going to watch.

There he is. (God be with us.)

I am so Thankful for many things today. First of all, I am so thankful for my family who pulled together at the last minute and got me a plane ticket to be with my sister on her wedding day. It seriously was the best gift ever. And when I say last minute I mean, the ticket was purchased on Wednesday evening and I flew on Thursday morning. It was incredible.

While I was home my mom and dad COMPLETELY spoiled me and I was able to bring back so many great things for my family and to get ready for our upcoming move!

I was warmly greeted back into the country by three beautiful children…

And of course my AMAZING husband who took care of them, cooked for them, did Elliott’s school, AND even did the laundry!!!!!!!!

Also upon returning home I was informed of a very generous donation that was given to us by the Otterbein United Methodist Women that couldn’t of come at a better time!

It’s good to be back and we are excited about our upcoming move to Goiania. We will not have much, but we will be in our own house which will be great. And in just a few weeks we will be joined by our other family member….

I got to see her this past weekend and when she recognized who I was she went completely wild and was out of control with love. We are very excited to have her come AND of course our very good friend Joe who has taken care of her for the past 3 months.

Most of all I am thankful for God and all the he has provided to us. His timing is always perfect and He NEVER fails us. His love is overwhelming.

Love, Alisan

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