Yes, I am still here


I know it’s been FOREVER since I updated everyone! I need to get on this! We are doing well! We had a great week of sunny beautiful weather. And even though we are down a car we have been able to go on the streets and to the favelas.

Here at home, we continue on with life as usual in our very busy home. Ada and Leyton are loving preschool and Elliott has great days at school and not so great days at school…. It is sometimes hard to focus with the noisiness of the house and the sun shining in at us.

When we are not in school and it is nice out the kids are outside. The girls like to make “soup” with flowers. The boys are making a hut. Leyton just goes back and forth in between the two, finding his own entertainment.

It’s a little more hectic when it is raining. The kids run out of things to do FAST. Today Elliott and Leila are making a house of a box. Earlier, they were using the box to drag Ada and Leyton around in. I love when they are creative like this. When they are not in this creative mood they want to watch movies all day, much to my dismay. Except Elliott who instantly becomes bored.

During the day Luke works, which many time involves helping with errands, or going to an internet cafe to get computer work done where the internet is slightly better than the dial-up speed we have in the house. He is then able to go out at nights with the team to pray for and minister to people on the streets. He has also been able to go to the favela several times this week.

I have been able to go out once to the street, but it is very difficult because then one of us has to wake up early with our kids with very little sleep. I would love to be able to start to go to the favelas more often, but I know that my first priority at this time is to be at home with my children.

In the evenings the house eats supper together. Most of the time I am the one to cook. It has been interesting trying to find Brazilian ingredients for American recipes. But so far it has worked out. Also I have been cooking for up to 25 people at a time. Not always easy!

There are days when I miss my home in America A LOT. I miss my friends and my family. I am so thankful that it is 2011 and there are so many ways that I can talk to people everyday. I miss American food A LOT. I try not to think about it and then comes snack time and the thing that I am MOST hungry for is just not available for miles and miles and miles. I am counting down the days until our first visitor arrives and BRINGS ME FOOD!!!! 🙂

Love you all,

5 responses to “Yes, I am still here

  1. Hey Alisan! It’s so good to read this update about your new life! Sounds like you’re making the most of a new and challenging living situation. The kids look happy, so you’re doing a good job! We miss you guys. Can we get a mailing address for you?
    Love and prayers,

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