So we are at the end on the second week of homeschooling. The kids are getting used to our new schedule. It’s hard to wake up and be in a new house in a new country but it’s even harder when you are sharing a house with 13 other people. The house has no carpeting or soundproofing so every little noise echoes through the house. They are trying hard to be quiet in the mornings, but sometimes it just is too hard.

We eat breakfast together in the kitchen which usually consists of toast with cream cheese or nutella. And yogurt. And 15 bananas each. And juice. And some more toast. We are very hungry in the morning.

I try to start with Bible and journals as soon as possible but usually it’s not until at least 9 if not later. Then we go right into some preschool stuff, which Elliott is my helper for. However, by this time Ada is so tired from drawing one picture that somehow blankie appears out of nowhere and she can barely talk because the thumb is in her mouth. So, I do what we can with the lack of attention level we have to work with.

Of course then at least once a week we are visited by our cow friends which causes a huge distraction to the whole house. Especially when they are pooping or peeing on the back porch. Gross, I know. But to the kids, the greatest entertainment.

The little ones are off to play and Elliott and I can get to work on our big kid first grade stuff. He is either extremely excited and ready to learn or dying from being tortured by writing more than one word at a time not so motivated.

I let him pick which order he wants to do his school work and he usually picks math first, which is probably the best thing to do anyway right away. He saves reading for last because it’s the easiest for him (his words).

We take a break for lunch and in between subjects. We work for about 3 1/2 hours a day, even though I feel like we should be doing more. I am even doing a couple of lessons at a time in some subjects because we don’t do school on Fridays. I think I will keep adding on work as he gradually gets used to his workload.

I am constantly questioning myself and am always worried that I am not doing enough or too much or not focusing on the right stuff…. Its hard work. I would love for him to be in a regular school as soon as possible. Until then, I am praying for lots and lots of wisdom.




4 responses to “Homeschooling

  1. It will get better. Don’t stress over how much time is spent on things – its the quality, not time that matters in education. Plus, all of life is education. Work in those teachable moments when not doing “formal education”. And, think of the wasted time in classrooms – a lot is spent in instruction to multiple children, taking roll, etc etc – the “stuff” that takes up time in a school setting doesn’t happen in homeschooling. Plus in formal schooling there are “party days”, snow days, movie days, field trips, etc. In school where there are interruptions it can ruin a lesson. In homeschooling when there are interruptions it just changes the focus of learning that day. Keep lovingly teaching them and no matter how long a school day is or how many hours you “get in”, they’ll learn because you’re a great mom!

  2. So many changes. So much to do. So little time. You’re amazing for even attempting this! More power to you Mama.

  3. I totally feel yah! I second guess all the time. In fact I just was from reading your shedule and thinking, “oh should I be doing that?”

    Love Elliott’s tat’s!

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