We are here!!

We made it! After a month of traveling and moving from place to place we are in a place to call home. It feels great.

The flight was stressful as expected with three young children. It would of been nice if the boys had slept a little bit more, but it’s so hard to get comfortable in a plane seat.

The van ride to Curitiba was….lovely. Leyton was car sick most of the way due to the crazy ups and downs and twists in the roads. We were very happy to get to the house.

The house is beautiful, and so is the land around it. It’s so green and smells like flowers. We share the house with 13 other people but it’s big enough that we each have our own space.

We have been learning many things about Brazil, such as the language, the culture, and the lack of good cheese. We have learned to wash out dishes in cold water, hang our laundry out to dry, and follow directions on roads that have no names.

Luke had been able to go out with the team twice so far at night, and once to a favela. We have been to a small group and are planning on going to out friend Mikey’s church tonight.

I am writing this post on my phone, which is our main connection to the Internet at this point. I am very thankful for this phone and that I can text and Skype on it!

I will now try to figure out how to post some pictures!!!

Love and miss you,






3 responses to “We are here!!

  1. Hi guys,
    great to hear from you. We miss you terribly but it looks absolutely georgous there. I hope we can visit while you’re there. Please keep sending your info.

  2. I found your blog – yay! Sorry to hear about the cheese…do they drink goat’s milk there? It’s strange seeing you guys in a new place, and knowing it’s so far away. I miss picturing you in Lancaster! It looks like a beautiful place to be though. Enjoy it!

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