The Hurricane

So right in the middle of our lovely beach get-away, after the earthquake, we were instructed to evacuate due to the impending doom of Miss. Irene, the Hurricane. She was a nasty one. At first we didn’t want to leave. Some of our group wanted to stay and watch it (Luke) but we left Friday morning, just as the rain started to come in.

We went 2 1/2 hours away to Greenville, NC to a stinky Comfort Inn where we were stuck in a room with our children sleeping all around us. Various odors filled the hall every time we left the room. The hotel was filled with other refugees and many children whose parents ran out of things to do to entertain them.

I was happy to be safe, but after 24 hours my kids needed to get out and run around. Unfortunately this is when Irene was on her worst behavior. During this time we ran through the storm to the Taco Bell next door, which was extremely exciting for our children. While standing in line waiting for some of the most nutritious food on the planet, the electric went out. Which meant we couldn’t pay for food. So disappointing.

Later that evening we went BACK to Taco Bell, during the scariest part of the storm. The wind was howling around us, and opening the doors to the restaurant. BUT we got our food and we were all happy.

The next day was sunny, but due to so many roads being closed we had to stay for another night. Our kids swam in a pool full of hurricane debris, but they didn’t care. And we were just glad they got some exercise. We went bowling, took naps, watch 75 million movies, and ate a bunch of microwavable junk food.

We were so happy to be able to return to the Outer Banks on Monday. It made me appreciate this time to relax even more. Today is Wednesday and tomorrow we have to leave again. But I feel rested and ready for the next trip.

I leave you with some photos of the damage.

Praying for those who suffered loss from this hurricane.

Love, Alisan

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